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  • “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”

    ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

    “There was an awakening in my team in your last session, now there’s a hunger and a thirst for more… in my career, the leadership model you use is the best I’ve ever seen.”

    Deborah Ganderton

    CEO, Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust


    "Even after the passage of [ten years] … the visceral experience of watching the group work through [Sonny’s] scenarios and the outcome that played out is so clear that I can, to this day, explain the process stage by stage. I have never forgotten the impact on me or the group at the time…"

    Rowena Morrow

    Principal, Prospective Services Consulting


    “I promised the team a session like no other, Sonny, you have delivered in spades… really appreciate and value the sessions we did... and sometimes, it blew my mind!"

    Damian Wells

    Managing Director, Coliban Water


    "You’ve woken some deep truth in me, thankyou..."

    Gerardine O'Sullivan

    Principal Digital Strategist, Boroondara City Council


    "The best facilitator I've seen in my 35-year career...."

    Leigh Funston

    Government Relations Manager, Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust



    "Powerful... Sonny's engagement is first class. We need a lot more of this."

    Aaron von Egmond

    CEO, Hepburn Shire Council


    "In my very first session with Sonny, I went from being unclear to clear in 20 minutes. Amazing!"

    Linda Duffy

    Manager, Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy


    "Made the whole conference worthwhile..."

    Ken Kua

    Executive, Australian Taxation Office

    "Exceptional outcomes. He is simply amazing."

    Shane Power

    CEO, Georgetown Council


    “Brilliant. I’m finding the support needed in this period of life is like sifting 10 tonnes of dirt for an ounce of gold. Thankyou.”

    David Bridgfoot,

    Clean Energy Program Manager (commercial)


    "Thank goodness I met you, meeting you has given me a new paradigm to work with I desperately needed."

    Heather Crawley

    Manager, National Center for Emergency Management Studies, NSW TAFE

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  • Program and Results Videos

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    Related vs. Relationship

    The single most important distinction for creating and maintaining high-performing teams

    Transform a will turn a group into a team with this one distinction: the difference between being related and being in a relationship.


    Get clear on who-is-who in the game you are playing and see your teams back each other; your results sky-rocket, and; your behaviours transform.

    Integrity: the foundation of success

    There is simply no distinction more important to understand than this

    We all have a fraught relationship with integrity - whether you are someone how thinks they have lots or someone who doesn't.


    This video breaks integrity down using distinctions I learnt at Landmark Education: what it is, what it isn't and how to use it.


    The Visionary Leadership Program

    A short marketing video on what people got from a program with me

    I got a camera-crew into a program recently and this is what we saw: all ages, all roles; men and women and people from different directorates, all pulling together towards a common outcome.

    Visionary Leadership CEO Interview

    An interview with Deb Ganderton, CEO, on what SHE got having her team go through my program


    This is what you want to see after a training program!


    An interview with the responsible executive after a series of retreats where the staff brought courage and authenticity to the work.


    Discover your Life Purpose

    The four levels of the human condition and how to discover your Purpose

    The low-down on how we ALL relate to and journey through our lives in NINE SHORT MINUTES!


    Does it make life easier knowing this stuff? Nope, sorry. Life still has to be lived ...


    However, IT DOES help you distinguish your life's purpose and that's gotta be worth something, right?!

    Midlife Creation

    Take charge of the second half of your life and career

    2/3 of people are unhappy with their lives and their work. This is especially true in middle age.


    If you say you are in a midlife crisis, then that's what you've got. The difference between a midlife crisis is the locus of control.


    If you are living into a default future, change occurs threatening and disruptive. If you are consciously living into a magnificent future for yourself and your loved one, change occurs like progress.

  • Programs

    Collaborative Leadership: Build your team on the basis of a common future: there is simply no more powerful foundation for high performance. Leveraging foresight methodologies, personal transformation and traditional professional development techniques, this program ensures your team is cohesiveempowered and empowering.


    Strategic Foresight: use foresight tools to help you, your teams and your organisation prepare for the unpredictable.


    Midlife Creation: A coaching program for people at a crossroads. Discover your Leitmotif (your life's purpose). Transform your experience of life, your ability to support your own growth and consciously create a future that brings joy, satisfaction and fulfilment.

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  • Clients and Resume

    Starting in adult education, I've spent 20 year's creating and leading organisations and teams in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


    Having worked as a futurist, trainer and facilitator for a number of global brands and all levels of governments across Australia, my most recent role was as CEO of Australia's largest PEAK local government sustainability body.


    I also played a key role in the formation or growth of a number of well-known public agencies including the Green Building Council of Australia, the Forest Stewardship Council of Australia, the Council for a Sustainable Built Environment and the Community Resilience Mentorship Initiative (Emergency Management).


    I hold 1st class honors in Ethics, Politics and Law and a Masters of Strategic Foresight.

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