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What have we swept under the carpet?


What have we swept under the carpet?

If it's “all happening at once” right now? This is one reason why…

My kids are always hiding things under the carpet to be found later, sometimes in a state of advanced decomposition. 
Something like that is happening in a lot of our lives at the moment.
The border between public and personal, private and professional are being tested and reconfigured in new ways and sometimes what was swept under the carpet is being uncovered: relationships at home and at work, things that were done or not done, expectations both explicit and implicit
Like always, now is the worst possible time to be dealing with things from the past when we’ve so much to deal with in the present, but that is always how it goes.
In my experience working with communities and businesses in recovery it is invariably the ‘incompletions’, the stuff we buried, forgot or didn’t notice (but other's did notice) that have to be dealt at this stage. 
Someone said to me the other day (with a touch of despair): 


“maybe this is the new normal!?

It’s not, this is the ‘crunchy’ time. This is where we get to bring integrity back to areas where there has been none but where we’ve survived without it for so long we’ve gotten used to it. 
  Now these things are coming up and we have to deal with them because when under pressure it’s those parts that give first!
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