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How to Sell with Conviction... and get that job, partner, life....

How does one sell with conviction?

According to the Matt Church, who quite literally wrote the book on “Conviction Selling”, the age of the convincing sale reel is past; people buy authenticity (


From those few political leaders who speak from the heart to products or services that showcase the quirks and humour of their creators, this is clearly true. These things appeal to us, they pull us in with a quick joy and everyone wins.

Authenticity, and the conviction that comes from it, is quite possible the single greatest commodity of all time. With conviction we can create anything: a marriage, a business, a fortune, a good life.

The question we, whence comes that conviction and how can we get some more of it?

Though we have all tried at some point, it’s is clearly not something we can easily manufacture.

Layers of conviction

There are several layers of conviction. The first is at the level of language: an empowering context, managing the monkey-mind – your mindset.

Being responsible for what you say to yourself is essential, but it’s more like a negative attribute than something that in itself gives you purpose: your mind can bring you down, but in and of itself it can’t tell you where to go.

Nonetheless, many of us have built quite successful lives on this level, in fact, our society is geared for it. The problem is that it can require high levels of energy to maintain (which we are less inclined to provide as we age) and, to be honest, it’s a young person’s game.

As we age, something deeper comes to the fore. With experience and perspective, it becomes clear that our life journey is more a discovery than the creation it occurred like in earlier years. The warp and weft of our lives has a deeper significance than the series of disjointed events and decisions it can occur like if we haven’t had the opportunity to truly understand the flow.

Discover the magnificently unique thread that underpins your life

If we do take the time to explore the patterns of our own lives we invariably discover both a profound commonality with other people’s life journey’s but also, paradoxically, a magnificently unique thread that underpins and runs through our own.

This is what I call your Leitmotif (the recurring theme of your life) and it runs from your birth, through the stage of life you are currently inhabiting, and then on to your death -pulling your past, present and your future together into a seamless web.

For some people, seeing this Leitmotif can be an extraordinary revelation, or it can be a subtle recognition of something you’ve always know. Whatever the experience, it is a kind of meeting with yourself and invariably it profoundly shifts the work you do in your life. What was previously an amorphous pull to fulfil on something valuable becomes a more consciously directed, and acute, drive. How you express yourself, where you conceive yourself heading, the kind of life you imagine to be a fulfilment for you, all shift to accord with what you have come to understand is what you are truly here for, what you’re really all-about.

You gain a strange separation from the life you have lived and have yet to love – a sense that you’ve been borne along by it, not the other way around.

The ultimate gift

Doing this work for give you a deep confidence and a sense of peace, but it also give a more concrete gift.

Like a bright smooth pebble spied at the bottom of a clear spring, still the waters sufficiently and you can start to see the outlines, and then the full form of the purpose of your life – your Leitmotif and your unique gift to the world.

It is on this basis, this kind of relationships between you and your life, between your mind and your purpose, that a conscious life path can be crafted and true conviction lies.

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