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Want energy and freedom? Look to your gifts

Discover from the outside what it is that you’ve been giving...

Where in our earlier years we looked for our gifts in ourselves, from the middle years we need to look to our environment, to other people for that.

This is necessary from the late 30’s onwards because all our natural energy, the drive that brought us to this point has run out. That’s why people feel so tired.
At this stage, we need to re-evaluate our life and get really clear on what it is that we have learnt along the way - on what we have been training ourselves in (because you have been). Do that work and you can be at peace with where you are at and free to look from the future and consciously create.
This is the ultimate super-power of the middle years: the capacity to deliberately and consciously create a future based on a deep understanding of self.
With this clarity, you discover that what has occurred difficult and exhausting until now, the future you are working so hard to create will become effortless and invigorating.
Your experience of life will transform from arduous and exhausting to effortless and energising.
You need to shift gears, bring all your knowledge but shift into a higher gear. Not harder, but higher.
A higher gear takes less energy and effort.

Many of us are still operating from a lower gear and ‘grinding’ through. It’s time to step-up the gears and find a new accommodation with yourself and your Leitmotif (the recurring theme of your life).

What’s actually exhausting is being

everything that you are not...

Around about 40 we reach a level of emotional, physical and spiritual maturity where it becomes intolerable and exhausting being everything that we are not.

Some of us continue trying, but there is a cost.

Where the cost shows up - partnerships

The cost often first shows up in marriages and partnerships.
As we pass through our middle years we realise the character that we have related to ourselves as, and that others have related to you as, is not who we really are. If the other person can’t allow us to shed that character, then something has to break – either one of the people or the partnership itself.
If we can let ourselves and each other discover a whole new person the partnership can survive - it's a whole new beast. You get to discover a completely new partnership formed from new people… but first you have to allow yourself to discover the new you.

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